So you have that beautiful long sweater that you are thinking of wearing to the function. You tried on your favorite pair of fashion jeans with your sweater but there are bulges around the hip area due to the pockets on the jeans. That’s not a good look. You still wants to look dressy but not format so it’s back to the closet you go scratching your head.
A pair of faux leather leggings is always a good item to keep on hand. With the right complimentary pieces you can make it work for any occasion. The most popular color faux leather leggings is black which would fit in well with most tops.
They can be worn with boots, sandals or shoes depending on the occasion. Faux finish leggings are made in both one size fits all and scaled sizes.  We think the scaled size leggings are better because you can pick your size instead of having to stretch the fabric. This gives it a richer and more dressy look.
So faux leather leggings is a great item to have for that dressy function when your fashion jeans doesn’t quite work.

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