There are many different types of fabric used to make leggings. The most popular two are the polyester based and the cotton based fabric. It’s been a lively debate as to which fabric offers the best performance. They both have advantages as we will outline next.
First we will talk about the polyester based leggings. The polyester leggings are very smooth and comfortable on the skin and offers much more stretch than the cotton leggings. The best ratio of fabric is 92% polyester and 8% spandex. This mix of fabric is thin enough for smooth comfort and flexibility and thick enough not to be transparent. Most manufacturer produce this fabric mix in a one size fits all (Small  to X-Large) format. We also should add that a polyester based is very durable and can withstand the rigors of numerous washing.
Cotton leggings are very popular due to the view that they are more breathable than a polyester based leggings. Most are manufactured in size scale  because they do not stretch as much. They also seems lose color after washing a few times. But most people who prefer cotton based leggings do so because air passes through them much more than a polyester based leggings.
So there you go folks, the choice is yours!

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